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Northwest Upheaval

“What the hell, we’ve got Melo, AI, and Camby. The rest of our division hasn’t done squat since the mid-90s, why should we do anything?”

Has one division ever gone through so thorough a transformation in the span of two months as the Northwest Division has? Think about the players who have arrived or departed since June: Ray Allen, Rashard … via Supersonicsoul

Days of easy fame over for Michael Vick

“Mike came out and me and A.I., we just went up to him and spent time with him for a couple of hours and just shooting the —-”

Four days after being slapped with a federal indictment on - dogfighting charges - an 18-page document that outlined gruesome images of the electrocution, hanging, drowning and shooting of pit bulls and the … via The Olympian

Iverson still has football game

“I love it. It’s been great it’s a good fit for me. I’m looking forward to playing with the Nuggets; hopefully I can finish my career there.”

Allen Iverson pulled together a collection of politicians, rappers, area football coaches and homegrown NFL talent — past and present — for a midsummer night spectacle that few others could pull off. via Hampton Roads Daily Press

What the If?

“Hey, idiots, we live in a world where nothing is predictable, so keep a bunch of extra crap in your closet. You’ll appreciate it when the twisters come in or the Taliban crashes a chopper into your mixed-use condominium complex.”

What you are about to read may so shock and appall you that your eyes will flutter into the back of your skull and you will collapse in a heap on the floor, like that time you accidentally saw your grandmother … via Westword

Iverson mansion for sale

“Yes. I’ll be much better then.”

Allen Iverson’s mansion in Villanova just went on the market. The Answer: $6.3 million. via

NBA Is Hurting

It doesn’t get much worse than this. Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is under investigation by the FBI for allegedly betting on and fixing games that he worked during the past two seasons. via

Iverson Offers Support to Fellow Athlete Vick

“He knows that all of us are rooting for him.”

NBA star Allen Iverson is offering some words of advice to beleaguered NFL player Michael Vick. via WSET ABC 13

Grading the free-agent comings and goings

Charley Rosen is’s NBA analyst and author of 13 books about hoops, the current one being “The pivotal season - How the 1971-72 L.A. Lakers changed the NBA.” See all articles> FOX SPORTS STORE As … via

Iverson returns to football

“They can identify with me. Whatever it takes, I’m committed to doing this as long as there’s an ounce of breath in my body.”

It has been more than 15 years since Denver Nuggets star Allen Iverson was hitting receivers in stride and breaking down defenses while quarterbacking Bethel High. via Hampton Roads Daily Press

Is Nene worth targeting?

Every Wednesday and Thursday until we get close to the start of the 2007-08, I’ll look at a potential sleeper on a different NBA team. via San Antonio Express-News

Allen Iverson calls assault lawsuit a get rich quick scheme

Allen Iverson denied taking part in a 2005 Washington nightclub brawl, testifying Monday that two men who sued him for US$20 million in connection with the fight want to cash in on his basketball fame.
The plaintiffs say Iverson’s bodyguard and other members of his entourage attacked them when they wouldn’t immediately make room for the […]

Nuggets sign Chucky Atkins

“I can’t take that no more. I thought Denver was a perfect spot for me and how I play. They missed someone like me in the playoffs. Someone who can make shots. I think I fit in perfect.”

Chucky Atkins kept a smile on his face while enduring an NBA-worst 22 win campaign with the Memphis Grizzlies last season. via Denver Post

O’Dowd fooling nobody but Monforts

During eight years of general mismanagement, Dan O’Dowd has fleeced only two people as a baseball wheeler-dealer. Lucky for him, those are the guys who sign his paychecks. via Denver Post

Reports: Nuggets, veteran PG Atkins agree to deal

The Denver Nuggets agreed to a deal with Chucky Atkins on Friday while Steve Blake is heading to Portland, according to reports. via ESPN

At 20, Williams given role of summer leader

“The difference is, in college they just tell you to run, run, run, run. Here, they tell you to slow it down a little, pick the places you want to go.”

The rookie sat down with the veteran for dinner the other night. The rookie vented a little about how swiftly things were moving and what was coming next. via Daily News