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A Career Without the Cherry on Top?

I’m disgusted and appalled when an athlete’s greatness, be it in any sport, is called into question because he or she has no championships to his name.

Only Allen Iverson has the Answer to what ails him

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Bob Cooney: Losing Miller hurt Sixers, but helped Holiday in long run

IT TURNS OUT, the telltale sign that this season could turn disastrous for the 76ers came last summer, when management decided to offer point guard Andre Miller a take-it-or-leave-it, 1-year deal to stay with the team.

Cousin of basketball royalty works to find place at NAIA tourney

Game time inside Municipal Auditorium, and the Oklahoma Baptist junior point guard does all the small things.

NBA commissioner David Stern, John Thompson reached out to troubled ex-76ers guard Allen Iverson

NBA commissioner David Stern and legendary former Georgetown coach John Thompson recently reached out to troubled ex-76ers guard Allen Iverson , according to Iverson’s longtime business manager, Gary Moore.

76ers Iverson - changed the game’

He was one of those rare men who made the nights of sports sacred from November to June, convincing fans night in and night out that the possibility of greatness by bouncing a basketball is a risk worth taking.

Allen Iverson: A Prodigy Thrown Into The Waters Of The Unkown

June 26, 1996. East Rutherford, New Jersey. The 54th annual NBA Draft took place.

76ers Would Like a Word with Stephen A. Over his Cheesy Doodling

An anonymous NBA player says guys around the league are pissed at Stephen A. Smith because of his column about Allen Iverson’s problems with gambling and alcohol .

Sixers Notes: Iverson tweets of ‘tough times’

Sixers Notes: Iverson tweets of ‘tough times’ 76ers Notes INDIANAPOLIS - Allen Iverson , who has officially parted ways with the 76ers for the rest of this season, issued a statement via his Twitter account late Monday night.

Vick, Brooks want best for Iverson

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick reached out Thursday to another Philadelphia athlete, Allen Iverson .

NBA: In the case of Allen Iverson, the truth hurts

PHILADELPHIA - Once upon a time it was hard to determine what was more difficult to stomach: the foolish, detrimental behavior of professional athletes or the apologists disguised as their inner circle, eager to excuse the inexcusable.

Iverson Tweets He’s Hit ‘Tough Times’

Allen Iverson admits he is going through some “tough times” right now, but he told his fans that he can overcome these latest obstacles.

Allen Iverson Is His Own Worse Enemy

A word to all young people out there, years of hard living will eventually catch up to you.

Brown: Iverson needs basketball

Prior to the 76ers’ 102-87 home loss to the Bobcats, Charlotte coach Larry Brown said he “feels terrible” about Allen Iverson’s situation and hopes that Iverson returns to the NBA next season.

Philadelphia 76er, Allen Iverson: the Answer Has Become a Question

Coming out of Georgetown, Allen Iverson was one of the most exciting players in the 1996 draft.