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Straight Shooting: Where should free agents go?

Let’s examine the most notable of the unrestricted free agents. Given the specifics of their talents, which teams would constitute their most beneficial destinations? Allen Iverson: Needs to dominate the ball to be effective.

Re-signing Antonio McDyess for sixth season might prove difficult for Pistons

Coming off one of their worst seasons in nearly a decade, it’s understandable the Pistons might want to get rid of most of the players from the 2008-2009 roster.

Ty Lawson the Newest Nugget

After grooming Rodney Stuckey to essentially take his job in Detroit, Chauncey Billups now has a new protege.

NBA draft: Nuggets lack 1st-round pick, but willing to deal

The Denver Nuggets lack a first-round pick in the NBA draft for the fourth straight year.

Losing that Luster

At the All-Star break in 2008, the Hornets were the up-and-coming team in the Western Conference with a better record than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Power Rankings: Magic easy choice at No. 2? Wait just a second

Got to thinking amid all the champagne Sunday night: Why didn’t David Stern begin his postgame festivities by presenting a second-place plaque to the Magic? Carmelo Anthony’s Nuggets stuck with Kobe Bryant’s Lakers for six games in the West finals.

Denver Nuggets: Free Agents To Go after

The Denver Nuggets have been one of the biggest surprises this season. After barely making the playoffs in the 2007-2008, the Denver Nuggets were not expected to have the success they have had this year… by Bhavik Darji 35 reads The Denver Nuggets have been one of the biggest surprises this season.

Shoals Unlimited: Finals Would Survive Without Kobe vs. LeBron

Over the last week or so, the dead-serious “who you got, Kobe or LeBron” has been replaced by a sardonic “man, Nike and Vitaminwater really messed up.” Actually, since the playoffs started, we’ve heard cynics hope with glee that all these ad campaigns would go to waste.

Fossil Ridge student dies after collapsing on court

Stephen Arnold was on his way to becoming a man, his father said Friday, a day after the 17-year-old’s life was cut short by what his family says was an undetected heart condition.