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John Wall, Chris Paul and the Stealthiest Pickpockets on Every NBA Team

Usually, players don’t use both techniques regularly. The tough on-ball defenders, like Metta World Peace, are the guys that man up, stop you with their bodies and poke at the dribble to create pilfers.

Thanks for the memories: Top performances by locked-out NBA players in Europe

BallinEurope bids adieu to the all-too-brief wackiness that was the ENBA: A period of time shorter than Allen Iverson’s career with BeAYiktaAY, though for a sweet, brief while it seemed like forever ah, the feeling of a too-fast love affair dragged down by unfeeling reality, leaving only fond memories and bitter tears to o, sorry.

Boston Celtics: Would Allen Iverson Be a Good Fit off the Bench?

Now that the NBA lockout is finally behind us, it’s time to start thinking about things like free agency, sign-and-trades and all the trimmings that keep NBA junkies like us occupied during a normal league offseason.

Why the Philadelphia 76ers Need to Pursue Free Agent Guard Allen Iverson

Now that the NBA lockout is over , it is time to look forward to roster additions which can help advance NBA teams this season.

Boston Celtics Rumors: Desperate Allen Iverson Signing Would End Title Hopes

The NBA lockout is over. Well, ESPN is reporting that a tentative agreement has been reached.

25 Greatest Team Performances by the Philadelphia 76ers of the Last Decade

While postseason success has eluded them for the most part, the Philadelphia 76ers have had plenty of great performances over the past decade.

Hip Hop is dead.

The 76ers anthropomorphized rabbit mascot named Hip Hop who came on the scene in the Allen Iverson era to the thrill of nobody has gone the way of the Dodo bird .

Detroit Bar’s Suit Against NBA Star Iverson Dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuitA seeking $2.5 million from former NBA star and Detroit Piston Allen Iverson over a 2009 bar fight.

50 Sweetest Looking Retro Jerseys in NBA History

In the NBA , there are so many things that a player can do to customize his look to make him more recognizable.

Allen Iverson Gets Rude With An Attorney & Tells Him To “Go To Hell”

Former NBA player Allen IversonA tasted sweet victory after a federal judge in Detroit dismissed a $2.5 million lawsuit against him on Tuesday .

NBA Lockout! A Brief History of Players Moonlighting as Rappers, Rockers, and Queens

Basketball fans are pissed. NBA Commissioner David Stern calls the lockout a “big charade,” admitting that the 2011-2012 is in jeopardy because “the union is ratcheting up.” Alex “Rube” Rubin, the YouTube rapper whose “NBA Lockout Anthem” has become a collective battle cry for season ticket holders , argues that “the players are the product” and … (more)

Lawsuit against Iverson over Detroit fight tossed

Detroit - A federal judge Tuesday dismissed a $2.5 million lawsuit filed against former NBA star Allen Iverson over a 2009 bar fight in Detroit.

Constructing the Perfect NBA Player Mini Series Part 2: Offensive Skill Set

After creating the frame, the next step is developing the skillset. Both offensive and defensive abilities are essential to making a complete player, and every aspect on both ends of the court needs to be accounted for.

NBA: 3 Worst Teams to Make the Finals Since 2000

Last year’s NBA Finals was one of the most exciting and anticipated in years. It involved star power in players like Dwayne Wade, LeBron James , and Dirk Nowitzki, and was played by two very good teams.

Iverson postpones 2-day tournament

Event organizers have postponed a professional basketball tournament in Las Vegas hosted by NBA star Allen Iverson .