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Continue reading “Tim Donaghy’s Book Has Great Dirt on NBA Refs”

Former NBA referee and infamous gambler Tim Donaghy wrote a book titled, “Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA.” It was slated for publication later this month, until the NBA threatened to sue the publisher.

Karl content to limit Nuggets roster moves in offseason

In the high-stakes game of Western Conference poker, George Karl likes the hand he is holding.

Bad rep or bad rap: History suggests Allen Iverson can be blessing, or curse, for his coach

Allen Iverson, wearing a white T-shirt and baggy blue shorts, sank seven straight set shots from the right elbow, each attempt eliciting cheers from an enthusiastic crowd before an open scrimmage at Memphis University School eight days ago.

Stephen Jackson’s slight edge over Boozer explained

By Marc Stein First marquee player to be traded this season? I went with Golden State’s Stephen Jackson when they asked me on ESPN2’s NBA Fastbreak roundtable show Thursday night, even though Utah’s Carlos Boozer is in the final year of his contract and thus theoretically easier to move.

Memphis Grizzlies 2009-2010 Game-By-Game Predictions

Will Memphis Score with New Grizzlies Allen Iverson and Zach Randolph? Last season, even with Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo, the Memphis Grizzlies had problems scoring points and averaged a dismal 93.9 points per game .

2009-10 Denver Nuggets Preview

He seemed comfortable to be back at home after spending six full seasons in the Motor City, and directed an offense alongside superstar Carmelo Anthony.

Disaster Or Success? Whats The “Answer” to the Grizzlies’ Season?

Think back to 2007-08 and look at Allen Iverson’s stat line: 26.4 ppg, 7.1 apg, 2.2 spg and 46 percent field-goal percentage.

Jackson: Memphis’ Iverson speaks out

Editor’s note: Page 2’s Scoop Jackson spoke with Memphis Grizzlies guard Allen Iverson earlier this week while the team was in Alabama for training camp.

Surprise! Allen Iverson Hated Playing in Detroit

Saying Allen Iverson ’s 2008-09 season was a bad one falls short of explaining how many things went wrong for A.I. He got traded, hurt, and exiled.