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Allen Iverson Wants To Stop Divorce, Claims He’s Still Intimate With Wife

Allen Iverson’s divorce drama has taken yet another turn. According to reports and documents attained by TMZ , Iverson filed a motion to dismiss the divorce case last week.

Oprah wants a sit-down with George Zimmerman about Martin shooting

So Oprah Winfrey says about her fervent wish to interview George Zimmerman, the man who shot African American Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Power Ranking the NBA Uniforms in Dire Need of Updating

Let me start this NBA jersey bashfest off by saying that this article is obviously completely opinionated.

Allen Iverson — I Wanna Pull the Plug on My Divorce

NBA legend Allen Iverson is trying to slam the brakes on his divorce — insisting he and his estranged wife have recently bumped uglies … so her petition is null and void.

EXCLUSIVE: Doug Collins Pre-Game Speech Before Celtics Game

As a Sixers fan, this Friday morning was fairly routine for me. I woke up, drank some Evan Turner Kool-Aid, re-read every article from the ‘Remember This Guy’ series, reminisced about Jason Smith’s glory days in Philadelphia , and finally, snuggled with my Allen Iverson crossover mixtape before passing out for a 16 minute, 16 second nap in honor of … (more)

Allen Iverson to play in regional league in Dominican Republic on 1-month contract

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - Former NBA star Allen Iverson will play on a one-month contract in a regional basketball league in the Dominican Republic.

Report: Allen Iverson’s ex-wife requests list of women he’s slept with

Tawanna Iverson, the estranged wife of Allen Iverson, has filed court documents asking the former NBA star for a list of names of the women he slept with while the two were married, reported .

An Athlete’s Take: Falling from Grace

For many sports enthusiasts, there is nothing more fascinating than seeing their favorite players, who once spent their glory years parading up and down fields or courts with reckless abandon, showcasing their unique skill sets.

[Gossip] Allen Iverson’s Wife Wants A List Of Everyone He’s Slept With

In June 2011, she said that their divorce “had nothing to do with another woman”. She has now requested that Allen “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.” It’s speculated that the reason she is … (more)

Power Ranking the Sixers’ Most Charismatic Players

No one on the Philadelphia 76ers is a big enough star to have a ” Q Score ” - the widely-used measurement of the consumer appeal of a particular brand, company or individual.

9 Weeks to Better Options Trading: An Options Pricing Primer

Editor’s note: To help investors profitably navigate the options market, Minyanville has launched “9 Weeks to Better Options Trading,” an educational series aimed at increasing trader understanding of the nuts and bolts of options, with an emphasis on real-world applications.

Allen Iverson — On the Right Side of a Financial Ruling

Allen Iverson ’s highly-publicized money troubles might be taking a turn for the better for a change — because a judge has ruled the former NBA star is still entitled to a $4 million judgment … if he can get his hands on it.

Pennsylvania doesn’t look a day over 300

That was the day in 1681 King Charles II of England, he of the raven curls and roving eye, gave a charter to William Penn for the land that became our commonwealth.

Maryland’s Stoglin wants to show he can do more than score

Undersized guard knows he needs to prove he can help run an offense if he hopes to fulfill dream of playing in the NBA Terrell Stoglin picked up a red pen when he was in first grade, and out poured his vision of future basketball glory on page after page that he stapled together and proudly presented to his parents.

7 NBA Players’ Jerseys That Are Now Uber-Ironic

In the NBA , retiring someone’s number is the ultimate way for a team to show gratitude.