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Ranking Andrew Bynum with the 10 Biggest Philadelphia 76ers Acquisitions Ever

Note: This list only includes players who were signed as free agents or traded for by the Sixers.

Bynum experiences overwhelming Philly love at presser

If the latest 76ers press conference to introduce their newest players Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson is any indication, the Sixers, who have been hitting homers all summer, may have smacked a grand slam today in the atrium of the National Constitution Center.

Billy King says he tried to resign after Iverson’s practice rant

Allen Iverson’s rant about skipping practice when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers is a pop culture touchstone, something people not even familiar with the basketball setting and the conflict between old-school Larry Brown and new-school Allen Iverson will talk about it.

When the two Andres defeated the Denver Nuggets [VIDEO]

On March 19, 2008, then Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson finally got his first opportunity to return to the place of his NBA roots and face the 76ers in Philadelphia.

Andrew Bynum: Center Facing Unparalleled Pressure as New Face of 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers have not had a star player since four-time scoring champion Allen Iverson , and Andrew Bynum will be expected to change that immediately this season.

76ers get Bynum, deal Iggy

Criticized for their lack of involvement in the free-agency market, the 76ers on Thursday night took part in the biggest trade of the offseason, acquiring Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum in a four-team trade.

Inside TidewaterA s Take: Want a pair of Allen Iverson’s shoes?

In news that is tremendously exciting to the signature sneaker crowd, Allen Iverson and Reebok are reintroducing The Answer IV.

Andrew Arcangel’s resiliency leads to birth of True Athelite

The holographic picture on the front of an Allen Iverson basketball card caught Andrew Arcangel’s attention, but it was the information on the back that really mattered to him.

Will the Philadelphia 76ers Ever Find Their Next Allen Iverson?

The date was June 6, 2001. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal had just led the Los Angeles Lakers in a furious comeback to tie Game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals at 94 as the fourth quarter clock expired.