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Report: Andre Iguodala has been a noble warrior for 76ers

Andre Iguodala glanced at the ink just under the skin on his right shoulder, and he chuckled.

NBA Playoffs 2011: 10 Biggest Postseason Upsets in Philadelphia 76ers History

While defeating the Miami Heat in the first round of the 2011 NBA playoffs seems like an unlikely proposition at this point, the Philadelphia 76ers have pulled off a number of postseason upsets in years past.

Upper West Sider Switches From Dribbling Balls To Tickling Ivories

Luckily for Emir Gamsizoglu, the motion your hand makes dribbling a basketball isn’t too different from playing two notes on a piano an octave apart.

Broad Street Baller: From Roots to Versace suits: Let’s go, Sixers! Looking to win 1 tonight

I’M BROAD STREET Baller, pumped for what could be a great night for Philly gym rats - if our no-superstar 76ers somehow upset the three-superstar Miami Heat.

Basketball’s Allen Iverson Stock Plummeting?

Across the seasons of the Philadelphia 76ers ‘ slide into the NBA’s sludge, the sobering truth about general manager Billy King’s fitness for the job has exposed itself decision by decision, defeat by defeat.

Are Celebrities Above Being Pulled Over? Quotes from Celebrities Who Believe So

It appears as though some celebrities believe that because of their status, the rules of the road do not apply to them.

Allen Iverson: Allen Iverson Hits another Speed Bump in Atlanta

Former NBA guard Allen Iverson has seen his career move to Europe. He’s seen injuries start to slow him down.

Iverson to cops: ‘Do you know who I am?’

Former NBA star Allen Iverson launched an expletive-ridden tirade against police when a car belonging to him was pulled over for a traffic violation last week, at one point telling the officer, “Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” according to a police report.

Duke Basketball: Kyrie Irving Has to Leave but Quinn Cook Is a Star in the Making

Can you name a projected top five draft pick that went back to school and then became a star in the NBA because of that extra year? Maybe Tim Duncan, but he was already a star.

Iverson ‘irate’ during Atlanta police stop

Allen Iverson has lots and lots of fancy cars. At least, that’s what he told an Atlanta cop in a fit of pique during a traffic stop in Buckhead last week.

Dennis Rodman ‘Tattoo Godfather of the NBA’ & NBHHCM 2K11

Dennis Rodman was recently told that he would be inducted into the Nasmith Basketball Hall-of-Fame. He was a fierce competitor that won 5 NBA Championships during his playing career 3 with the Chicago Bulls , and 2 with the Detroit Pistons .

Glenn ‘Big Dog’ Robinson: Definitely Not a Bust, but a Disappointment

I watched a lot of college basketball in the ’90s, especially the Big Ten. During the decade, superstars who played in the conference included Michigan’s Chris Webber and Jalen Rose, Indiana ’s Calbert Cheaney and Michigan State’s Shawn Respert.

76ers to playoffs, Wizards to record book

Playoff positioning and seeding implications ran rampant in the NBA on Friday but the lasting impact came from the Philadelphia 76ers clinching a playoff berth in their first year under head coach Doug Collins.

Top 10: NBA Finals Matchups

With the 2007 NBA Finals upon us, the tome of basketball history is about to seal another chapter.

Police Stop Allen Iverson & Take Away His Lambo

The police spotted a 2009 Lamborghini on the street with expired license plates causing them to pull the driver over.