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Philadelphia 76ers 2007-08 Season Preview

The 76ers have a completely new look after dealing All-Star guard Allen Iverson to the Denver Nuggets on December 19, 2006. via Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Sixers Preview: Tanking might have been better

“In any other place, I might doubt that statement”

Philadelphia won only five games with Allen Iverson last season. He averaged 35 points-per-game in those wins, and before you run off at the mouth crying ball hog, know that he averaged eight assists, too. via CBS

76ers open camp by welcoming back Dalembert, Randolph o

“When they feel like they can go full-tilt, and hopefully by the end of the week they will be able to go full-tilt, but certainly not the first few days.”

The Philadelphia 76ers’ injury-riddled frontcourt is finally back on the practice floor. via The Orlando Sentinel

Jones covered Iverson with 76ers

“I was assigned to wake him up for training camp and make sure he got to the bus”

New acquisition might have more valet work ahead MORE STORIES FAN POWER RANKINGS When Nuggets training camp starts next week, Bobby Jones could tell Allen Iverson, “I’m no longer a rookie.” Then again, that … via Rocky Mountain News

Youth an Asset or Liability for 76ers?

Heading into the start of the Knicks’ training camp, is previewing each of the four other Atlantic Division teams as well as each of the five other NBA divisions. via

Sixers: Training Camp Preview

The Philadelphia 76ers are going into training camp with many question marks about their team. via

76ers, Nuggets partner again with 2-for-2 trade

The teams that combined on December’s Allen Iverson blockbuster trade are hooking up for another deal Monday, according to NBA front-office sources. via 103.3 FM ESPN Dallas - Fort Worth

Sixers Fans Can’t Be Happy

Thaddeus Young, Jason Smith, Derrick Byars and Herbert Hill. Are Philadelphia 76ers fans jumping for joy with the additions of those four players after the NBA Draft concluded? To say this is an important … via