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Iverson needs rest from leg injury

Former NBA star Allen Iverson will not have surgery on a painful calcium mass that developed on his right calf.

Sixers See ‘The Best’ Of Andre Iguodala

OK, so Andre Iguodala is not the All-Star centerpiece of a contending team, not the superstar his salary says he ought to be.

Changes ahead in Salt Lake?

The Jazz are the pick for upper-echelon team in line for the biggest shakeup in the second half.

Manager: Surgeon to look at Allen Iverson’s hurt calf

Former Philadelphia 76ers guard and NBA MVP Allen Iverson is scheduled to have his troublesome right calf examined by noted surgeon Dr.

Walker taking shot in dark, hoping for brighter days

He grabbed hold of the commuter pole, steadying himself for another ride on the airport terminal shuttle.

Sam Donnellon | Iguodala is the 76ers’ biggest question

GRANT HILL is one of Doug Collins’ favorite topics, which should be of no surprise.

Manager: Allen Iverson to get growth removed Tuesday

Allen Iverson , the former NBA MVP and scoring champion, will see a specialist next Tuesday to have the undetermined growth in his right calf surgically removed, his business manager, Gary Moore, said Thursday.

Carmelo Anthony: Superstar?

Unlike fellow small forwards Kevin Durant and LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony has a refined post game.

Chauncey Billups Belongs to Denver

As soon as Carmelo Anthony decided he wanted out of Denver, Chauncey’s days were numbered too.A From the feedback I receive Nuggets fans have already mentally and emotionally parted ways with Carmelo.A However, the idea of being separated from Billups is more than they can bear.

Iverson just can’t walk away

Turkish prisons aren’t what they used to be. In Midnight Express, it took Billy Hayes - the protagonist sentenced to three decades of hard time for drug smuggling - five long years to find an opening and eventually break out of jail.

Frank: Even in January, every game matters

The season will reach its halfway point this week, but already, there is talk about games meaning so much.

Injured Iverson expects to resume career

Allen Iverson says he expects to play basketball again once he has a lesion in his right leg examined in the United States.

Allen Iverson ‘Totally Disputes’ Reports Of Retirement

Gary Moore, longtime business manager for former 76ers star Allen Iverson, told the Associated Press that Iverson “totally disputes” reports that he is planning to retire.

Iverson needs lesion removed on right leg

Former NBA star Allen Iverson plans to have a lesion removed from his right leg in the United States and intends to rejoin his Turkish team in time for the playoffs.

Report: Iverson to have surgery, retire from basketball

A Turkish newspaper is reporting that former 76ers all-star Allen Iverson will announce his retirement sometime Wednesday.