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Kyrie Irving wants to remain normal, but Cleveland Cavaliers’…

For the most part, Kyrie Irving still thinks of himself as a normal kid. In spite of the fact that the Cavaliers could make the former Duke point guard the No.

Call set up between Larry Brown and Tim Curley goes nowhere; PSU’s hoop search continues

It’s not as if Penn State is adrift in stacked resumes seeking its men’s basketball head coaching position, especially considering that the search is going on in late May.

Derrick Rose Channels His Inner Allen Iverson for Adidas

Derrick Rose in his new commercial for adidas, looking a lot like Allen Iverson.

WWE News: Wade Keller Uses Macho Man’s Death To Tell You Why He’ll Never Be Cena

If you went dumpster diving this weekend, you may have come across a rather asinine article written by PWTorch editor Wade Keller.

PHOTOS: Emotional Celebrities

Allen Iverson formerly of the Philadelphia 76ers yells during the game against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center on January 14, 2004 in Dallas, Texas.

Greenberg resigns as Radford hoops coach

Brad Greenberg has resigned as head men’s basketball coach at Radford. Greenberg recently finished his fourth season at the helm, leading the Highlanders to a porous 5-24 record with a conference-worst 2-16 mark in Big South play.

Mavericks’ Nowitzki outplays all the stereotypes

IT’S PROBABLY the most negative label in sports - “Soft.” I’m not sure what its true definition in sports is because “soft or being soft” tends to evolve depending on whom you want to tag with it.

Philadelphia 76ers: State of the Franchise 2011

The dream run has come to an end. You know the franchise is in trouble when the “dream run” that caught everyone around the league by surprise, ended after a .500 season and a 4-1 beat down.

Harrington Returning to Hilltop as Assistant Coach

Former NBA player Othella Harrington will join the men’s basketball coaching staff for the 2011-12 season, Head Coach John Thompson III announced today.

NBA Draft Lottery: Power Ranking the 5 Luckiest Teams in Draft Lottery History

The NBA draft picture will get a lot clearer tonight with the announcement of the lottery order.

Jay-Z & Iverson’s 15th Anniversaries Honored During NBHHCM 2K11

Rap mogul Jay-Z and former NBA superstar Allen Iverson will be honored during NBHHCM 2K11 this coming June for their 15th Anniversary celebrations.

What if your team Lost its Leading Scorer?

A few years back the 76ers send Allen Iverson - their leading scorer - the Nuggets.A At the time, people predicted doom for the Sixers.A Philadelphia, though, actually improved without Iverson .

Brandon Jennings visits Subcontinent, compares NBA to Euroleague

What’s former American high school baller-turned-Lottomatica Roma pro Brandon Jennings during his summer break now that his Milwaukee Bucks have been bounced from the NBA playoffs? Hanging out in India, of course! Jennings is today scheduled to attend the NBA/Junior WNBA National Skills Challenge Finals, ” culmination of the largest school-based …

Dave Hyde: Can Heat find a way to take bloom off Rose?

The young man speaks softly, so softly his hushed tone pulls you a half-step closer to hear.

Frank: To 76ers fans, Iguodala turning into another version of Scott Rolen

Comments Ideally, Andre Iguodala should be the kind of player the region should embrace.