Allen Iverson Tattoos Pictures

Here are some Allen Iverson tattoos pictures! I hope you will enjoy them! More tattoo pics will be added soon.

As you can see Allen Iverson have a lot of tattoos. Here are the names for each of his tattoos:

Neck right side tattoos: "Ra Boogie" and "Loyalty" in chinese

Neck left side tattoo: CT for "Cru Thik" his recording company

Right arm tattoos: "Hold My Own", Soldiers head, Panther, Cru Thik, Jewelz, Bad Newz, Belief (symbol), VA's finest.
Iverson says this about his soldiers tattoo: "I feel throughout my live it has been a battle, and I have survived many obstacles like a real soldier".

Left arm tattoos: "Only the Strong Survive", "The Answer with Bulldog", "Cru Thik", "Dynasty Raider", Strength (in Tibetan), Fear No One and "NBN".
The Answer with Bulldog were his first tattoos he got these before he was in the NBA. The bulldog actually has nothing to do with the Hoyas. He got it more for the spirit of Bulldogs.

Torso tattoos: Tiaura (daughter), Deuce (son), Tawanna (wife), Praying hands surrounded by his mothers and grandmothers initials

Right leg tattoo: Cru Thik

Left leg tattoo: East End (of Newport News)

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